How To Increase Your Email Open Rate

Email open rate is very important in affiliate marketing because if your email open rate is not good means you will not going to receive any sale.

This is very big issue in email marketing even if we have good amount of subscribers but our email open rate is not good means we are just wasting our time.

If people will not open their email then why we are sending emails to them just waste of time.

What is email open rate

Email open rate is something when you are sending emails to your list and how your subscriber react to your email  are they opening it and reading it or they are just neglecting it.

Approx 90-94% marketers are sending emails in wrong way that’s a reason their email received by subscribers in spam folder.

When subscriber receives emails in spam folder then most of the time they simply block senders or never open that email and marketers lose their subscriber.

How To Increase Email Open Rate

To increase email open rate every marketer have to think as a subscriber because subscriber is not a software              “subscriber is a person who can think and take decisions”.

‘Here is a question for all of us’

‘How we send emails to our friends and family ?’

When we send emails to our friend how we write emails  ‘do we use HTML design to send email to them’?

The answer is no why should i use HTML good looking design to say ‘hi’ to my friend.

He or she is my friend and if i want to talk to them i will simply write “hey sarah how you doing ?”:) with one smiley face.

Sarah will reply ‘ i am fine how about you Gaurav’.

So why are we sending emails to subscriber with hardcore HTML design and make it look good just to tell them this product is good for you and you should purchase.

Increase relation with subscribers as a friend not as a marketers and not just sale product to them take them as a real friend find what is good for them and Sale them that product.

These few tips can increase your email open rate to 60-70%.

[Note: Normal email rate is only 15-20% but marketers are not receiving even 10% open rate because of wrong way of sending emails which they are using.]

How To Write Friendly Emails For Your Subscribers

If you have a autoresponder e.g. Getresponce, aweber and icontact etc. Then it’s good but if you don’t have then please get one because without autoresponder email marketing is not possible.

Make sure you are sending all the traffic to your landing page because in that way you will subscribers whom you can send emails from autoresponder.

How To Write Email Subject And Body

Email Subject this is a first thing which your subscriber will see first when he or she will open there gmail,yahoo or bing etc. account.

When you will send first email then welcome your subscriber and say thank you to your subscriber for subscribing.

subject should be like “Thank you for subscribing”


In second email make them remember that they subscribe your email list


subject should be like “About My Last Email For You”


‘Now here is how to write affiliate emails to your subscriber’

suppose we are promoting letsblogpro to our list then my promotion email will be

hey folks,

i have created one new blog in which i am sharing some professional

tips and trick on internet marketing that’s a reason i name this blog Lets Blog Pro(hyperlink)

i thought i should share it with you 🙂

so you can give me some suggestion to improve it

i am sure you will be enjoying reading that new blog(hyperlink) 🙂


Talk Soon


Start your email with friends, folks or from first-name of your subscriber your autoresponder will do that automatically.

Inform your friend(subscriber) about a product which you are going to promote with a small description.

Don’t make hyperlink separately in your emails just use a word which define your product and make it hyperlink with you affiliate link.

Make hyperlink in between your emails and at the end of the emails.That’s it.

At the end simply mention regards but i like to use something like “Talk Soon” or some other friendly words which we use with our friends and your first name only without last name.

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